Friday, October 7, 2016


This is a door knocker from a picture taken in Greece by nephew, Brandon Burns, and I was given permission to paint my interpretation. It is 14 x 18 on Fabriano HP 300 paper, using watercolor pencils in a wash, then using Polychromo pencils for the door knocker.

I do hope you consider the title as much as the work itself. Have a blessed day.


This is a home place of a dear friend. I am sure there are many memories from here. It is 20 x 30 on Fabriano HP 300. watercolor pencils and colored pencil. Photo reference was provided by client.

I hope you enjoy going back memory lane with this. Have a blessed day. 


It is that time of the year that all the trees are turning all sorts of beautiful colors. With permission from my daughter Tisha Clinkenbeard I painted a picture of their cat Blue Eyes playing in a pile of fall leaves. This is 16 x 20 on Tan Mitenes board with colored pencil.

I do so hope you enjoy the beauty in the simple things that God has given us to enjoy. To all have a blessed day.