Thursday, April 18, 2013

GRAND OPENING!!! Killaby Fine Art School & Studio

Grand Opening
Killaby Fine Art
School & Studio
110 E Hubbard St., Lindale, TX
Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 6 p.m.
A Center For The Arts
Please join us in a night of great Art, Music, Food, meet students and artists. Get to  know the community and find out more information on new classes and workshops. RSVP to or 903.830.6694.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


In this past Tuesday's Challenge of TRANSPORTATION I did not have any paintings pertaining to transportation in the sense that we most often think of the word.
I would like to share with you my thoughts about transportation. I recently renewed my driver's license this time I had to personally appear at the Texas Department of Public Safety. If you know me I do not write well especially under stress but none the less my dear husband accompanied me putting the checks in their right boxes but I had to sign the slip of paper within a certain area. It had been eight years since I had to appear in person which was before my Essential Tremor hit overdrive and had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery! I was terrified that since my signature no longer resembled what it did eight years ago and my hand was shacking that they would associate it with Parkinson.

The ladies questioned me about what I had, why my hands were shaking, and was the mark I made really my signature now. I was sweating trying to explain what I had and that it did not impair my driving! We seem to take our transportation for granted...we have a car (or in my case SUV), we get in the car going where we please. What would you do if your transportation was no longer available to you? At what time in your life would you willingly give up your freedom of transportation?

Just something to think about. Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday's TERMINUS

Okay folks I admit to being a week late to the challenge of Found Round and About's TERMINUS. Well I had to look up the definition. I found according to Merriam-Webster it means a final goal : a finishing point. According to that definition I could relate very well to a final goal or finishing point because I usually get so many projects going that a TERMINUS is always great!

On my drawing board right now I have thee projects that I am trying to find the terminus on! This one happens to be a double portrait in graphite of the cutest little boys that I adore which I hope to finish in 2013!!

Another on my drawing board (this is colored pencil) that WILL get finished ASAP!

And last but by far not the least to be finished. All three are with different mediums and techniques so I am learning as I work on each piece of work. This last picture I am working with carbon and graphite learning how to depict leather.
Although I have a lot of work started they will reach a terminus soon but until they do I will continue to work methodically and with a goal in mind. My main purpose is to create something pleasing to the Lord and others using what talents He has given me. Some days offer many "opportunities" to work but then I think to myself "Why not me?".
Please join us in Found Round and About's TUESDAY "T" Challenges!! Have a blessed evening.
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