Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tuesday's "Tweet"

This week Tuesday's word "Tweet" took some thought because I live on the lake where there are all kind of birds around each day. It is very easy to just not pay attention to sounds that you are accustomed to hearing all the time you ignore them.  But on one of my daily dog walks a Mocking bird was making quite a noise in a tree. I looked up to see that she already had her nest made, which she was very proud of, letting me and the world know that little birds would soon be arriving at her house. I even told her good morning and that I was glad to see that she was prepared for her little ones.

Last year a bird made a nest in a fruit tree outside our office window so I was able to watch the nest being built, next came three beautiful eggs and then three little ones tweeting announcing their arrival to the neighborhood.

I am looking forward to finding more nests around our yard this spring.  I hope you can join us with the Tuesday "T" Challenge by Found Round & About.

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