Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday's TETONS

Well I am trying to catch up on my Tuesday's "T" Challenges and this week the word was Tetons. I had the privilege several years ago to travel out west visiting (or should I say riding in the car hearing "Did you see that?").  Yes it was an interesting trip in that I had never before been out west or out of the state of Texas until then. the farthest I had been was Ft. Worth, Texas! Nothing like being a small town girl from East Teas!

Although this really was a driving trip with very little stopping or side trips I do remember the mountains to be very majestic and royal looking. There is something about viewing the mountains that make you realize your place in life. The Lord made such beauty when He made the mountains because it is very difficult to describe in words the humble feelings I had when I first saw them.

I have no pictures to share of the experience but would love the opportunity to return.

Join us in the fun of Tuesday's T Challenge!!

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