Wednesday, February 15, 2012

March Is 2nd Annual Essential Tremor Awareness Month

Since March is the 2nd Annual Essential Tremor Awareness Month I would like to invite all artists that have been diagnosed with ET to an Online Art Exhibit at my blog. I would like to feature an artist a day, or more depending on the response, for the month of March. If you are interested please visit my blog at from there you may email me. I will need 1 photo of your work, a short biography, and your email, blog or website so people may contact you. If we could raise any funds for IETF would be great I would like to raise as much awareness as possible about ET and to inform people about IETF.  I have had ET since I was 19, diagnosed in my 30’s and had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery when I was 58.  I worked in oils until I discovered graphite and colored pencil about 10 years ago now they are my mediums of choice. I like portraits and hands because both tell their own story of our lives but I am always exploring something new. I hope other artists are interested in bringing awareness to ET through this venue.

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