Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Day At The Beach

Well this is my last beach picture of my trip to Martha's Vineyard. We have all gone to the beach with our "cover up" on but how long do we usually keep it on?  Well my friends loved to take pictures while at the beach and at the most unlikely times catching each one in our of us at the most unflattering moments. Goodness how I miss all the giggles and fun we shared for five years in a row.

You know time always changes things no matter how good it seems so in my drawings I have tried to portray our great times together.

This drawing was featured in International Essential Tremor Foundation's magazine Tremor Talk, April 2011. You can learn more about Essential Tremor at

Beach Cover Up
Image size 9" x 12"
Colored Pencil on Bristol

If you are interested in purchasing please contact me. I will work with you on availability and pricing.
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A percentage of proceeds will be donated to International Essential Tremor Foundation to find out more about this organization and the disease of Essential Tremor visit the IETF website

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